Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oral IV Review

I have been searching and searching for a good hydration aid that does NOT have all the added sugar, caffeine, or stimulants. All of a sudden an opportunity fell into my lap to review the product Oral IV. The first thing I read on their product information is, NO ADDED SUGAR, CAFFEINE, OR STIMULANTS. I also read information about how this is not a hydrate for you product, that you still need to follow your normal pattern for hydration, this product will only aid in the hydration. I have to say I was completely on the fence and not sure what I was getting, but very hopeful!! Here is what the product looks like:

They, seriously, remind me of carrying around mini iv bags. The only thing that was a bit of a downer about this is there is no flavor. So it is a tad thicker than water, but maybe a small bit salty flavored; very hard to describe. The flavor is not horrible, so it's not a turn off on the product.

I have to say that my husband, my neighbor and her husband, and myself are firm believers of this product after the last week of trying it. If you want my full review on the product you will have to check out the blog on Oral IV's page here.

Also, if you are interested in trying this product they gave me a discount code for y'all. Go here and put in the code "fitness" at checkout for 10% off.

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