Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy life..

As you can see from my profile information. I am a military wife and today is one of those days that I just want to scream from the top of a mountain, when is our time to be a family.  Being a military wife means I get to play mom and dad most days, months, and/or years. We have been in for seventeen years (I say we because I am apart of this just as much as he is since I am the one left at home to take care of everything). He had to go in early and he had to stay late (Yes, I am grateful he is stateside at the moment, but...) and then he has to run around our huge (haha, not really it's very small) town and try to get things to hold a squadron picnic tomorrow. This leads me to the part that makes me want to scream today. It's my day to go out with the girls (adult girls) and workout and then follow it up with a drink and an appetizer and just chill. With the kids out of school I LOVE these days!!

All is well, I took my kids to the park and we did a workout together and went for a walk. And for our drink and appetizer the ding ding man (Ice cream truck) went by and we all got a snow cone. So all in all it turned out ok. And I did push play!!! Happy Weds!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First day of summer vacation

Today is the first day of our Summer Vacation (meaning kids out of school) and we slept in til 9 a.m., this is unheard of in my house!! The two year old usually is up and running by 6:30. So needless to say, I just finished my workout before taking my energy and endurance. What a mistake that is. It may be in my head, but I can not do the best workout for me without drinking the drink prior to moving my rear. So I think here at lunch time I will have the drink and do a 2nd workout.

Today was Fire45 followed up by Stretch 10 and I absolutely love TurboFire these days. I have set up for the first year of my challenge to try at least 4 different programs. I have done Insanity and some P90X, a bit of Pump (have not done a full on 90 days of Pump w/out a hybrid going). And now it's TurboFire. So far from what I have done my faves are going to be Pump (because I feel I am working out a whole lot more by doing one of these workouts than I do when I do P90X, kind of like I work my whole body and P90X focus' on one area, again this is an opinion). And TurboFire because I am having fun while doing this. I LOVE Insanity, but it feels like a workout and TurboFire feels like I am partying.

Ok, that was what was on my mind while I was moving my rear today, so I had to get it out. HA.. I am off to drink my shakeology. Hope everyone is having an amazing Tues!!

June 4th TurboFire Challenge Group Rules

Welcome, to Lexi's Lean Machines June Challenge. I became inspired to do a TurboFire Challenge when I heard the story of a friend that went from 300lbs to 150lbs using TurboFire. I have done a few of the DVDs and the music is hip and fun to move your rear to. There are some sections where she has you just shake your body. Even my 10 year old is loving doing these DVDs with me. Come join my awesome group and let me help get you to your goal!!!

Here are the rules:

1.     You must have an account on I, Lexi, must be your coach. If you haven't made an account, you may do so by going to and clicking "join." A basic free membership will do. If you are a member and have a different coach, please email and ask them to set your coach as LexisLNMachines, coach ID 136180. Thank you!

2.     Challenge packs aren't required, but having Shakeology in your court does help. If you need/want a challenge pack, check 'em out here: Challenge packs get you a 30 day supply of Shakeology, the TurboFire and 30 days VIP access to the message boards where you can get free workouts, a meal planner and you get in on live chats with the trainers which is pretty sweet.

3.     Les Mills Pump by itself can be purchased here:

4.     ACCOUNTABILITY IS MANDATORY! This challenge is centered in my Facebook group which is secret so your friends can't see your posts or even that you're in there. Post about what you ate, what you wish you could have ate, how your workout went, any struggles or questions you have with diet or exercise. Just make sure you check in EVERY SINGLE DAY! This is how we stay on track and the support we can give each other is one of the best motivational tools you can get.

5.     Nutrition is half of this! Make sure you break open the nutrition guide and calculate your calories!

6.     Keep track of what you eat! You bite it? You write it! That goes for what you drink too.

7.     Take a before pic! When you're done with the 90 days, submit that pic with your after photo to the Beachbody Challenge and you get a free t-shirt. Your before pic is a great motivational tool. Especially if you put it in places where you're forced to look at it. Don't want to workout? Look at yourself in your underwear. It works!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


For years when I go to the doctor, the doctor walks in and right a way grabs where my thyroid is and says you have a thyroid problem lets do blood work. Well the blood work comes back and noda.. So finally I have had enough and decided I am taking matters into my own hands and started some research. I found out there there is another test to do and am making an appointment to have this one done. And also, I found that I need to go to an internal doctor (not my primary care physician) because yes my numbers fit within the suggested low and high normal but because of different factors in each person if my numbers are right at the low or high then I may need the medicine. So to all of you out there that are having issues with losing weight, do not get defeated. Talk to your doctor some more and do a tad bit of research because you could find another way to look at something.

Now wish me luck on this appointment in a couple weeks that I get an answer!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Life can be so crazy. Whether you are married, single, parent, aunt-uncle, and so on.... It is so hard to find time for you and not only time for you, but time to find peace and enjoy something for you.

I got up at 4 am this morning (since my husband had to be to work) and I made coffee and I started my day in peace (well, the three kids and two dogs were still sleeping so peace, ha) and I made myself push play then and then I sat and drank my coffee and made myself something for breakfast and enjoyed a show I had dvr'd. I want to tell myself, "hey, this works start getting up and doing this" but I am pretty sure I will find a way to think sleep wins out??

When is your me time, time that makes the day all worth while?

Friday, May 4, 2012

So ready to start this challenge

Hey all, sorry I have been a bit silent the past few days. I am trying to get my finals finished up before the start of Monday's challenge group!! I am taking the summer off of school so that I can focus on my own transformation with this challenge as well as help to keep all motivated!

I started my challenges the end of 2011 and I saw a dramatic change. I am let up on my focus and drive with this last semester of school (I really think I took on to much, this time) but I realized that I was wanting to change my appearance for everyone around me. Not so much for my own self confidence, so with that new found reason. I am not doing this challange for me and me alone. I am not trying to please my husband or my neighbor or even my kids or parents. I am doing this 100% for me. And I think you have to do it for you to really do it and to make it a life long life-style change.

So with that said here are my newest pictures taken. They are still showing a smaller tummy than my begining but definitly don't see a big change from the first picture and I want to see that change, so let the Pump It Up Challenge begin!!!!