Friday, July 20, 2012

Bumps in the road to super fit..

Why, why does there always have to be bumps in the road to getting super fit?? My first time through Insanity, I got knee pain so bad that I would wake up at night from a dream that seemed so real. The dream was that I was having surgery on my knee and it was going wrong and I was actually in pain when I woke up. I went to the doctor and he told me I had the start of tendonistis in my knee. He suggested I take a joint supplement pill and then to take a piece of ice massage my knee for 5 minutes. I was also suggested to get cross trainer shoes. All of these things helped, but I lost almost 2 weeks before I could go back full force, hence the bump in the road.

When I started P90X, I got horrible wrist pains with the push-ups and pull-ups. I had to try to modify the moves but no matter what I did after about 4 of the moves I was in to much pain to do anything. I had to try to keep modifying and limiting the amount I did, this put me back a couple weeks and even made me want to stop the program. I thought man if I just changed to a different program I could be doing something and possibly seeing a change. Yet another bump in the road.

My list goes on and on.. Sickness, family issues, (I am a military spouse w/3 kids) deployments come up, school functions. My point is you may have a bump in the road, but please push that voice of that little guy sitting on your shoulder telling you that you are to busy to do any workout or to sick to move. Push that voice WAY AWAY!!! Stay on it, push to that goal, and last but not least ASK FOR HELP to stay on track. Ask me or any Beachbody coach, we all have the same goal to get you to your fitness or health goal!! END THE TREND!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stop the excuses...

Today my thoughts run to the excuses I am getting left and right from just about everyone I speak to. Not just with fitness, they give me excuses for anything and everything. I got an excuse as to why the biscuits were expired on the shelf at the store and why the woman was not going to remove them because she didn't know where to put them???? Um, on the manager's desk for all I care get them off the shelf.

My children are starting the excuses of my toe hurts I can't put that back on the table mom. Ummmm, what you are 2???????? I am pretty sure even the dog barks an excuse at me as to why he can't go outside right this moment........

But the excuses that get under my skin the most are the ones that people give me to not exercise. I know I used to be the queen of excuses, but STOP!!!!! You can't whine to me that you want this sooooooooo bad and then start out your sentence with, "Well, I should be able to but......." I may make a rule that you CAN NOT say "but" or "can't" in my challenge groups. I do not want to hear that out of your mouth. You can do anything you put your mind to, you just have to fight the guy wearing the devil suit sitting on your shoulder saying I am to tired, I did to much already today, and so on.... MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF!!!!! You will appreciate it much more in the end!!

And the excuse of it costs to much, something that could save your life should not have a price tag on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exercising can save your life and the dvds that I have to offer you, you can do in your home at lunch time, before bed, when you wake up, or heck, when you wake up at 2 am and everyone else is asleep but you can't sleep PUSH PLAY!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't back these up if they didn't work. Look at my picture on, if you go into my profile it has before and after pics and you can see a big difference. That was Insanity at it's best!! P90X and Les Mill's PumP is helping with my arm flab that flops in the wind when I wave hello to someone.  Plus I can now carry my 2 and 3 yr old, at the same time, for quite a distance and not whine about my arms hurting. And best of all when they run, I CAN CATCH THEM and not be so out of breath that I pass out and they get away again. ;)

Okay, enough ranting and raving today!!! Please if you want help message me and I will help you!! I needed help once and someone took my hand and helped me see the ways. I love paying it forward!!! I have nutrition challenges and workout challenges and challenges that involve both nutrition and workingout!!!

Happy DAY!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's your why for wanting to get in shape??

What's my why for wanting to get into shape and stay in shape? This something that I keep a personal journal about almost everyday. I sit and think why do I want to lose these last 30 pounds? I am married for 8 yrs now and we have been together for almost 12 years, I am not looking to impress anyone new with a smokin-hot body?? I am not really really sick with anything that is making me lose the weight?? Hmmm???

It's the fact that I have three amazing children and I want to teach them that even though I do not want to do something I still have to. I want to install in them that eating nutritously and doing exercise is a way of life and part of your everyday life. I mean, it is so easy to come up with a reason to not to do it. I am tired, I have to do so much with the kids (and they come first before anything for me), or I'll do it later......... I DON'T want them to learn these easy habits. I want them to always always make time for themselves in this matter. And for them to still have junk food once in awhile, but to know what the healthiest choices are and how to basically have control over your own health.

All the above is my why!!! My why I push play on my dvd's everyday. My why for me coaching beachbody, this way I can not only help my kids and myself, but I can help anyone and everyone.

So tell me what is your WHY???

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shrink you waist with Nutrition

When I started this weight lose jouney, I heard the exact words "You can shrink your waist with nutrition." Well my idea of nutrition was eat less junk food and eat less food period. So I got to chatting with my challenge group at the time (I was in an Insanity challenge group) and they were all talking about counting calories. WHAT??? Who does that, to much work if you just stop eating as much you'll be fine. Well I got one month in and I had no changes. I mean NO CHANGES.. So I spoke up and asked do y'all count your calories on paper or by computer. They suggested I use or On these sites you can put in what workouts you have done and the site not only gives you the recommended calorie intake before workout, but gives you back more calories to eat for what you burned. Really??? Gives you back more calories. This is nuts, but okay everyone else is doing it so it must be okay.

So my first day of tracking calories. I got in 800 calories I was supposed to have at least 1500 without working out and 1800 because of workout?? What?? I can't eat that much it will just keep the weight on. So I talked to coaches and finally a couple nutritionist and they all stated, stop thinking eating nothing is going to help you. They told me give it a try at very least the 1500 calories.

Ok fine, how am I supposed to get that many calories in? I was pretty full feeling at 800 calories?? So I took the 1500 calories and I divided it by the number of meals I can fit in during the day. I decided if I eat every 2 1/2-3 hours I can do 6 meals in the day. So I went for the 1800/6= 300 calories at each meal. Ok that is a much easier number to keep in mind at every meal then the overall picture of 1800.

So now what is going to fill me up and equal that amount. I ordered the Shakeology from beachbody, when I add in the fruit and such to the recipes, BAM 1 meal filled. Next meal I got turkey sausage patties and they are 150 calories per 1 patty, add in a slice of cheese, 1 egg, and possibly half an english muffin and bam another meal filled up. I took veggies with hummus and a cup of popcorn and bam another meal pretty close to the 300. I made a sandwich with wheat bread, 3 slices of lunch meat, slice of cheese, condiment, couple pieces of lettuce, and add in a piece of fruit and bam another meal filled in. I made up pudding and had a cup and another fruit. Dinner was easy!!! Chicken breast, veggies, and half a cup of rice. And for dessert I made up Shakelogy into ice cream, I was in heaven and hit my goal.

This went on for 2 weeks and then I did my fit test and I felt more energy in powering through it. I jumped on the scale and down 8 pounds. I measured my waist and hips and I am down 2 inches in each place. I am a firm firm firm believe now that at least hitting an amount of calories helps out amazing!! Try it and let me know your thoughts.

Monday, July 9, 2012

6-week Nutrition Makeover Challenge Rules

Have you been working out and wondering why is my body not changing? Have you taken the time to evaluate your nutrition? I had an eye opening experience when I first took a look at mine. Not only was I not getting enough calories in to support my calorie burn from working out, but I was not getting any of the correct food. Take my 6-week nutrition makeover challenge and let me help you get on the right track.  This does NOT mean you will be on a diet. This is a makeover to start your lifestyle change. This does not mean you have to give up your French fries or favorite dessert, it just means you need to learn to eat well overall.
I am putting together a nutrition makeover challenge group. This group will not meet in person, but will meet in a private Facebook group. In this group I will provide mini realistic challenges, direction, support and motivation. Let me ask how comfortable are you in your own body right now? Before I figured out the better side of nutrition, I was completely uncomfortable with my own body. I ask you this question because this challenge may take a toll on you emotionally and make you a bit uncomfortable. But remember the big picture, we are doing this makeover to help you get comfortable in your own body.

Here are my Rules:

1.      You have commit to do this. I mean truly be committed to doing this with me and learning this lifestyle change. I want people who are serious about getting on the right track. We will be a group that will be keeping each other up and positive during this process and if someone drops out on us, you will be hurting the support system. Please think hard about this.

2.      For the entire 6 weeks you MUST check in daily. At the very least once a day, but everytime you eat would be ideal. The more you post, the more you are holding yourself accountable for what you put into your mouth. And this in turn supports others and helps motivate them.

  1. I am requiring Shakeology on this one. Now I know, it's expensive but I want you to think about something before you say you can't afford it. Is that really true? Is there something else you are spending money on you probably don't need to be that you could put that money toward something that is so incredibly good for your body? If it’s you daily morning Jamba juice or Starbucks, knock it off. I can show you have to make an amazing recipe to replace either one!! Having ShakeO in the mix makes this SO EASY! That's your breakfast right there! BAM! One less meal to have to think about. I absolutely recommend ordering HD (monthly autoship) Shakeology BECAUSE a. you get free shipping so you save some money. b. You're going to be on this challenge for more than one month so you are saving shipping 2 months in a row and c. WE WILL BE DOING A SHAKEOLOGY CLEANSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS CHALLENGE so this ensures that you have enough. Also - you can cancel the HD any time with an email to no questions asked. It does not matter what flavor you get, but I would recommend getting the bag over the packets - you get more servings. You can get Shakeology from my site: or my ShakeO site: OR from the Team Beachbody store. Shakeology seriously changed my whole world. (I am a stay at home mom and I found myself always snacking because food was staring at me, but once I started Shakeology I no longer am hungry. So if I look at food when it’s not a scheduled time to snack I walk right by it.)
  2. I must be your Team Beachbody coach to be in on this challenge! If you do not have a Team Beachbody account, you can sign up through my site at and click join. A free membership will suffice. If you do have an account, you can set me as your coach by emailing and asking them to set your coach as LexisLNMachinesl, coach ID 136180.

5.      In this there will be absolutely no negative talk, not even about yourself. This group is here to support each other and that also means supporting yourself. If you are an emotional eater, part of beating that is learn to talk and treat yourself positively!!!

So if you want to join me on this, please email me at with the subject reading "July Food Challenge" and I will tell you how to join. I am limiting the amount of challengers to 10 and it is first come, first serve but PLEASE, I ask again: MAKE SURE YOU ARE WILLING TO COMMIT 100%. This is serious business and we all make ourselves vulnerable by entering into a challenge like this. Your being there is a link in the chain of support. So let's help each other be strong, stay on track and do this.