Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shrink you waist with Nutrition

When I started this weight lose jouney, I heard the exact words "You can shrink your waist with nutrition." Well my idea of nutrition was eat less junk food and eat less food period. So I got to chatting with my challenge group at the time (I was in an Insanity challenge group) and they were all talking about counting calories. WHAT??? Who does that, to much work if you just stop eating as much you'll be fine. Well I got one month in and I had no changes. I mean NO CHANGES.. So I spoke up and asked do y'all count your calories on paper or by computer. They suggested I use myfitnesspal.com or livestrong.com. On these sites you can put in what workouts you have done and the site not only gives you the recommended calorie intake before workout, but gives you back more calories to eat for what you burned. Really??? Gives you back more calories. This is nuts, but okay everyone else is doing it so it must be okay.

So my first day of tracking calories. I got in 800 calories I was supposed to have at least 1500 without working out and 1800 because of workout?? What?? I can't eat that much it will just keep the weight on. So I talked to coaches and finally a couple nutritionist and they all stated, stop thinking eating nothing is going to help you. They told me give it a try at very least the 1500 calories.

Ok fine, how am I supposed to get that many calories in? I was pretty full feeling at 800 calories?? So I took the 1500 calories and I divided it by the number of meals I can fit in during the day. I decided if I eat every 2 1/2-3 hours I can do 6 meals in the day. So I went for the 1800/6= 300 calories at each meal. Ok that is a much easier number to keep in mind at every meal then the overall picture of 1800.

So now what is going to fill me up and equal that amount. I ordered the Shakeology from beachbody, when I add in the fruit and such to the recipes, BAM 1 meal filled. Next meal I got turkey sausage patties and they are 150 calories per 1 patty, add in a slice of cheese, 1 egg, and possibly half an english muffin and bam another meal filled up. I took veggies with hummus and a cup of popcorn and bam another meal pretty close to the 300. I made a sandwich with wheat bread, 3 slices of lunch meat, slice of cheese, condiment, couple pieces of lettuce, and add in a piece of fruit and bam another meal filled in. I made up pudding and had a cup and another fruit. Dinner was easy!!! Chicken breast, veggies, and half a cup of rice. And for dessert I made up Shakelogy into ice cream, I was in heaven and hit my goal.

This went on for 2 weeks and then I did my fit test and I felt more energy in powering through it. I jumped on the scale and down 8 pounds. I measured my waist and hips and I am down 2 inches in each place. I am a firm firm firm believe now that at least hitting an amount of calories helps out amazing!! Try it and let me know your thoughts.

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