Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stop the excuses...

Today my thoughts run to the excuses I am getting left and right from just about everyone I speak to. Not just with fitness, they give me excuses for anything and everything. I got an excuse as to why the biscuits were expired on the shelf at the store and why the woman was not going to remove them because she didn't know where to put them???? Um, on the manager's desk for all I care get them off the shelf.

My children are starting the excuses of my toe hurts I can't put that back on the table mom. Ummmm, what you are 2???????? I am pretty sure even the dog barks an excuse at me as to why he can't go outside right this moment........

But the excuses that get under my skin the most are the ones that people give me to not exercise. I know I used to be the queen of excuses, but STOP!!!!! You can't whine to me that you want this sooooooooo bad and then start out your sentence with, "Well, I should be able to but......." I may make a rule that you CAN NOT say "but" or "can't" in my challenge groups. I do not want to hear that out of your mouth. You can do anything you put your mind to, you just have to fight the guy wearing the devil suit sitting on your shoulder saying I am to tired, I did to much already today, and so on.... MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF!!!!! You will appreciate it much more in the end!!

And the excuse of it costs to much, something that could save your life should not have a price tag on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exercising can save your life and the dvds that I have to offer you, you can do in your home at lunch time, before bed, when you wake up, or heck, when you wake up at 2 am and everyone else is asleep but you can't sleep PUSH PLAY!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't back these up if they didn't work. Look at my picture on, if you go into my profile it has before and after pics and you can see a big difference. That was Insanity at it's best!! P90X and Les Mill's PumP is helping with my arm flab that flops in the wind when I wave hello to someone.  Plus I can now carry my 2 and 3 yr old, at the same time, for quite a distance and not whine about my arms hurting. And best of all when they run, I CAN CATCH THEM and not be so out of breath that I pass out and they get away again. ;)

Okay, enough ranting and raving today!!! Please if you want help message me and I will help you!! I needed help once and someone took my hand and helped me see the ways. I love paying it forward!!! I have nutrition challenges and workout challenges and challenges that involve both nutrition and workingout!!!

Happy DAY!!

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