Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's your why for wanting to get in shape??

What's my why for wanting to get into shape and stay in shape? This something that I keep a personal journal about almost everyday. I sit and think why do I want to lose these last 30 pounds? I am married for 8 yrs now and we have been together for almost 12 years, I am not looking to impress anyone new with a smokin-hot body?? I am not really really sick with anything that is making me lose the weight?? Hmmm???

It's the fact that I have three amazing children and I want to teach them that even though I do not want to do something I still have to. I want to install in them that eating nutritously and doing exercise is a way of life and part of your everyday life. I mean, it is so easy to come up with a reason to not to do it. I am tired, I have to do so much with the kids (and they come first before anything for me), or I'll do it later......... I DON'T want them to learn these easy habits. I want them to always always make time for themselves in this matter. And for them to still have junk food once in awhile, but to know what the healthiest choices are and how to basically have control over your own health.

All the above is my why!!! My why I push play on my dvd's everyday. My why for me coaching beachbody, this way I can not only help my kids and myself, but I can help anyone and everyone.

So tell me what is your WHY???

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