Friday, July 20, 2012

Bumps in the road to super fit..

Why, why does there always have to be bumps in the road to getting super fit?? My first time through Insanity, I got knee pain so bad that I would wake up at night from a dream that seemed so real. The dream was that I was having surgery on my knee and it was going wrong and I was actually in pain when I woke up. I went to the doctor and he told me I had the start of tendonistis in my knee. He suggested I take a joint supplement pill and then to take a piece of ice massage my knee for 5 minutes. I was also suggested to get cross trainer shoes. All of these things helped, but I lost almost 2 weeks before I could go back full force, hence the bump in the road.

When I started P90X, I got horrible wrist pains with the push-ups and pull-ups. I had to try to modify the moves but no matter what I did after about 4 of the moves I was in to much pain to do anything. I had to try to keep modifying and limiting the amount I did, this put me back a couple weeks and even made me want to stop the program. I thought man if I just changed to a different program I could be doing something and possibly seeing a change. Yet another bump in the road.

My list goes on and on.. Sickness, family issues, (I am a military spouse w/3 kids) deployments come up, school functions. My point is you may have a bump in the road, but please push that voice of that little guy sitting on your shoulder telling you that you are to busy to do any workout or to sick to move. Push that voice WAY AWAY!!! Stay on it, push to that goal, and last but not least ASK FOR HELP to stay on track. Ask me or any Beachbody coach, we all have the same goal to get you to your fitness or health goal!! END THE TREND!!

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