Saturday, April 21, 2012

1st goal achieved

Hooty HOOOOOOO!!! I started this weight loss journey with a, what seemed to be huge, goal to be able to fit into this shirt that my husband and I designed for relay for life. I hung the shirt in my closet and I looked at it each morning and this helped drive me to want to keep pushing play. Well, I was able to put the shirt on today and as you can see it fits loosely now.. Before I couldn't even pull it down it was so tight. YESSSS!!! Little goals my friends, little goals!!! It's an amazing feeling when you achieve one!! Keep pushing play!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

What a start!!

Goodness gracious, what a start to my day/week!! I have been starting my day off with a walk everyday and today was going to be no different. So we head out and start to get into the stroller and the right tire is completely flat. So we fill it up and head on our way (this has happened many a times before). We got almost to my daughter's school and POW, the tube shoots out of the tire, WHAT THE HECK??? (Now I bought this used jogging stroller off a yardsale and have fixed things here and there since) So I pull this tube up and look at it, the people before me put a 20 inch tube on a 12 inch tire??? UM, what??? So to fit it in the tire they twisted and turned it, so me putting the air in today I guess caused it to untwist and pop out on me. So that brings me to the return home with a 1 yr and 11 month old girl (who is slower than molasses) and a 3 yr old boy is crying my foot hurts, my tummy hurts (which means he's hungry) and both are screaming RIDE, RIDE.. So I had enough of the screaming and said get in. And I basically carried the stroller home with two children in it. What a great workout this am. My arms feel like I did my weights because I basically lifted more than my weights are, hahaha... And we had gone pretty far, so I was sweating my rear off when we got home. Hooty hoooooo!!! And if I had drove by and seen me doing this I would have had to pull over because of the laughter. This big tube hanging off the tire rim, woman lifting a stroller and pushing it and the kids were holding on for dear life. LOL!!!
Okay that is the start of the week and I have to say if I could do that, then y'all can so push that play button. LET'S DO THIS!!! Happy Monday all!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cold crazy day...

Got up this am and it was freezing in my bedroom and I didn't want to get out of bed. But I forced myself to put on sweats and a sweatshirt and went for my 4 mile walk today. Then I came home and did Turbo Fire for a change. I think I love these dvds!!!

My eating wasn't the greatest today. I started the day with Shakeology. Snack was a big salad. Lunch was left over lasagna rolls and snack was another lasagna roll. Supper was red beans and rice with a chicken breast. So not the worst meal day ever, but definitly not my best and as I sit here tonight on the couch I feel really full.

I am ready for tomorrow morning this is my last week of Insanity. YAY!!! Hope everyone's weekend is amazing!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Stress vs workout

So I have started walking first thing in the mornings again. I have a lot of things popping up that are stress causing and I am finding if I go do a walk first thing in the a.m. I start the day with a clear head. I have been doing three miles a day. Then I get home and my insanity workout.

I am trying to go through each room and clear out stuff we don't need or use. We are expecting to move anytime and so I am trying to be prepared for it. On top of this there is chances left and right of deployments, so I am trying to be prepared for this. Oh and did I mention I am a full-time student and stay-at-home mome, and house wife?? So somedays I am finding that button that says who in the world has time to workout?? But I am seeing past the button and hitting play, even if I get half the dvd done I get something done and I just feel ten times better.

But with that all said, I sometimes am taking an easy road on supper. I need to find some more easy healthy dinners that are kid friendly. I look at what they eat and chicken nuggets and fish sticks probably isn't the best. Baby steps my friends baby steps.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

May 7th Les Mill's Pump Challenge Starting

I have a challenge group starting on May 7th. This group is a facebook group and it is private, so that no one can see what any of us puts in this group. A group like this is what got me started on my challenge and kept me accountable and helped me reach my first mini goal.

You check into the group everyday and tell us what you did for exercise and how you ate that day. You ask any questions you may have or vent about any part of the workout or celebrate any results you see in this little group.

In order to get into this group, I need to you join me on Go on there and click take the challenge and sign up for the beachbody challenge. This will also put me as your coach and allow me to help you reach more goals. (If you are already a beachbody member send an email to and request me as your coach my name is kovalovich member id 136180) Once you have done this email me at or friend me on facebook AlexisCheneyKovalovich and I will get you added to the group.

I will be putting everyone in the group a week before the start date. If you order the Les Mill's challange pack I will send you the lifting gloves that will help protect your hands while you are working out. Email me and let me know your size s, m, or l.

Hope everyone is having an amazing day!

Getting this exercise blog up and running.

Hey all,

I have been working out since the end of last year 2011. I have now done Insanity a couple times and am getting ready to start Les Mill's Pump It Up. I am super excited about doing the pump for the first time because I have seen several people with amazing results from the begining.

Now let me tell you a small bit about what got me started on this weight loss journey. Number one weight loss, I am a mother of three kids and the weight of the third one loves me and doesn't want to leave me. HA. Well the fact that my health was not good during pregnancy and after was questionable so I stayed on the couch and ate to keep my blood sugars balanced. So naturally pounds came on. I got up to 173, this is my highest pregnancy weight which was the weight I was when I delivered the last child, who will be 2 in a month.

Next reason is my health, I have a family history of diabetics and with my pregnancies I got gestational diabetes with all three and I did not fit your typical build of a gestational diabetic, number one I never put on much weight with any of them? So the doctor told me I need to continue a diabetic diet for the rest of my life because the gestainal was really just my issues with type 2 diabetes showing it's ugly head.

And my biggest reason is because I want to be healthy and live a long life to see these three crazy kids grow up and do all the crazy things I know they will do. ;)

I decided I wanted to become a Team Beachbody coach because I am always wanting to be there for people and this is allowing me to do that. I try my hardest to contact all of my customers and buddies everyday and the ones that say they want me to reach them every day, then I make sure to reach them. I have one buddy that at 3 weeks into Insanity called me and said Lexi, I need to return this package. I don't think I am ever gonna do this all the way through and I don't think I wll be able to do the second part and I don't think it's doing anything for me. So we talked and tried a few things and the next day he came back and said, Lexi, I invited a friend over last night to do a dvd with me and he got a third of the way and laid on the floor gasping for air and I was just going right along and I don't want to ever go back to that, so I am keeping these discs. That made my day to see him that excited and happy about his progress!!

I am making a difference not only in my life, but in the lives of others and I am so excited and happy with my progress both physically and mentally!! Please don't hesitate to ask me for help! My own fitness accomplishment so far is that I went from a size 40 inch waist to a size 33 inch waist!! HOOOTYYYYY HOOOOO!!!!