Friday, April 13, 2012

Stress vs workout

So I have started walking first thing in the mornings again. I have a lot of things popping up that are stress causing and I am finding if I go do a walk first thing in the a.m. I start the day with a clear head. I have been doing three miles a day. Then I get home and my insanity workout.

I am trying to go through each room and clear out stuff we don't need or use. We are expecting to move anytime and so I am trying to be prepared for it. On top of this there is chances left and right of deployments, so I am trying to be prepared for this. Oh and did I mention I am a full-time student and stay-at-home mome, and house wife?? So somedays I am finding that button that says who in the world has time to workout?? But I am seeing past the button and hitting play, even if I get half the dvd done I get something done and I just feel ten times better.

But with that all said, I sometimes am taking an easy road on supper. I need to find some more easy healthy dinners that are kid friendly. I look at what they eat and chicken nuggets and fish sticks probably isn't the best. Baby steps my friends baby steps.

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