Monday, April 16, 2012

What a start!!

Goodness gracious, what a start to my day/week!! I have been starting my day off with a walk everyday and today was going to be no different. So we head out and start to get into the stroller and the right tire is completely flat. So we fill it up and head on our way (this has happened many a times before). We got almost to my daughter's school and POW, the tube shoots out of the tire, WHAT THE HECK??? (Now I bought this used jogging stroller off a yardsale and have fixed things here and there since) So I pull this tube up and look at it, the people before me put a 20 inch tube on a 12 inch tire??? UM, what??? So to fit it in the tire they twisted and turned it, so me putting the air in today I guess caused it to untwist and pop out on me. So that brings me to the return home with a 1 yr and 11 month old girl (who is slower than molasses) and a 3 yr old boy is crying my foot hurts, my tummy hurts (which means he's hungry) and both are screaming RIDE, RIDE.. So I had enough of the screaming and said get in. And I basically carried the stroller home with two children in it. What a great workout this am. My arms feel like I did my weights because I basically lifted more than my weights are, hahaha... And we had gone pretty far, so I was sweating my rear off when we got home. Hooty hoooooo!!! And if I had drove by and seen me doing this I would have had to pull over because of the laughter. This big tube hanging off the tire rim, woman lifting a stroller and pushing it and the kids were holding on for dear life. LOL!!!
Okay that is the start of the week and I have to say if I could do that, then y'all can so push that play button. LET'S DO THIS!!! Happy Monday all!!

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