Wednesday, May 16, 2012


For years when I go to the doctor, the doctor walks in and right a way grabs where my thyroid is and says you have a thyroid problem lets do blood work. Well the blood work comes back and noda.. So finally I have had enough and decided I am taking matters into my own hands and started some research. I found out there there is another test to do and am making an appointment to have this one done. And also, I found that I need to go to an internal doctor (not my primary care physician) because yes my numbers fit within the suggested low and high normal but because of different factors in each person if my numbers are right at the low or high then I may need the medicine. So to all of you out there that are having issues with losing weight, do not get defeated. Talk to your doctor some more and do a tad bit of research because you could find another way to look at something.

Now wish me luck on this appointment in a couple weeks that I get an answer!!!

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