Friday, May 4, 2012

So ready to start this challenge

Hey all, sorry I have been a bit silent the past few days. I am trying to get my finals finished up before the start of Monday's challenge group!! I am taking the summer off of school so that I can focus on my own transformation with this challenge as well as help to keep all motivated!

I started my challenges the end of 2011 and I saw a dramatic change. I am let up on my focus and drive with this last semester of school (I really think I took on to much, this time) but I realized that I was wanting to change my appearance for everyone around me. Not so much for my own self confidence, so with that new found reason. I am not doing this challange for me and me alone. I am not trying to please my husband or my neighbor or even my kids or parents. I am doing this 100% for me. And I think you have to do it for you to really do it and to make it a life long life-style change.

So with that said here are my newest pictures taken. They are still showing a smaller tummy than my begining but definitly don't see a big change from the first picture and I want to see that change, so let the Pump It Up Challenge begin!!!!

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