Friday, December 7, 2012

Cleaning out food before the holidays..

Whose cupboards look like this:

First off, I can't find squat when it's time to go make some supper. Second off, look at the junk food in there. And when I say junk food, I mean crap that is not healthy or me or my family. I have tons of Ramen noodles, Jingos crackers, tons of pasta, tons of different full of salt sauces and much more.

Plans for bringing in the New Year are to make over my entire families eating habbits and organize my cabinet space. Ha.

Let me start with organizing. For me organizing my cupboards makes it easy for me to open the cabinet and grab exactly what I was looking for. This in turn helps me avoid finding some junk food, when I was reaching in for an ingredient to add to my shakeology.

Next, I am going to get rid of the processed foods or at least the white pastas. I will fill the cupboard with wheat pasta, brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potato chips.

As for the sauces, I am going to make every sauce I want homemade. Then I know exactly what is in it. I have recipes for homemade sweet n sour, homemade ketchup, and homemade mustard.

Check back after the 1st for an organized picture of my cupboards.

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