Monday, December 3, 2012

Day in the life of toddlers...

A day in the life of toddlers... Should be written as a day in a house full of toddlers.. My days start at six in the morning with the two year old girl screaming for me to come to her. I ask her to come to me, but no she just keeps yelling for me (she isn't in a crib so she can escape.) Then when I get to her she just wants me to carry her back to my bed???? For the love of sleep child please.

So now I am up, guess I will go make up some coffee. Meanwhile, said two year old is in my bed supposed to be watching SpongeBobSquarePants. But she is finding a sharpie and coloring pretty pictures on my nice Egyptian cotton sheets. Really all that coloring before the coffee is done dear??

Then the three year old boy wakes and he is a cranky cranky cranky morning person. He cries and yells at me that he wants a different shirt and doesn't want this shirt then not that shirt then not that shirt. Literally 5 shirts to end up back at the very first shirt I gave him?? Ummm, coffee is still not done, dang I need a Keurig or a chef???

We got to take the nice, extremely hormonal, eleven year old daughter to school and the three year old boy stands at the end of the driveway screaming bloody murder that he didn't get to shut the door and he wants a different coat. At this point I might be hoping someone will call child services just so I can have a cup of coffee in peace???? Finally get him in the car and start driving to the school and the two year old decides she needs to have a breakdown because she didn't remember her doll to bring with her. It's okay Nat, we will be home in five minutes and you can play all day with dolly. This makes her scream louder, so I turn up the music just a tad bit louder. Finally breakdown is forgotten and we are all singing the current song.

Get home and let kids in and sit them down with breakfast. I take the bills to the mailbox. I walk back in and the two year old has emptied the entire box of kleenex onto the floor (120 or whatever 100 # of kleenex on the floor) and the three year old has emptied the brand new loaf of bread onto the floor with the kleenex. My dang mailbox is seriously right at the end of my drive way which is the normal small walk to the mailbox driveway. How did they do that?

Day goes on and I walk back out to the mailbox to get my mail this time and this is what I walk into:

Do you see what is missing in this picture??? The lovely table leg is MIA?????? It was so there when I walked out to the mailbox?

I am so taking a 6 month deployment when the hubby gets back!! He says it's easier now because they are older. BLEEEEEEPPPPP THAT!!!! When theywere babies they just rolled everywhere, not took entire house apart in a minute flat???

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  1. All I can say is WHAT A DAY!!!!!! And I thought I had a rough time with my 2 year old.... sheessshhhh! Did you ever find the other table leg?!! Lol