Tuesday, January 8, 2013

95 day workout countdown!!

I have a goal to have a sexy rear-end and kickin abs in 95 days, I started at 101 days. Today is day 95, so I did 95 squats. I used to have a hard time getting the right form for a squat (at least to get the right results!!) So here is something that made see the correct way:

And this is a picture of me on the way back up from probably number 85 squat:

And I was a little to far forward but I had another childe under me on the back side and was a tad worried I might fall on her. HA. See in these pictures you can see that I workout with kids, toys, and even pitbulls. :) Never dull, but ya gotta make the time no matter where you are!!!

I also do sumo burpees, 95 of them today! Here is a picture of me coming up from the plank part of the burpee.

Man these burpees pull muscles I didn't even think were connected to anything!! But I love how I feel afterwards!! Here is one more burpee pic:

This was coming up and at the end of my 95, so it wasn't the best position.. But your legs are supposed to be apart and squating like a sumo wrestler does. So you go down in the sumo position, then you go back to a plank, then you come back to sumo position and then you jump up and repeat. WOOOHOOO!!! I feel the burn!!!!!!!!!!!

I follow those two exercises up with 95 sit-ups. My daughter didn't snap any pics of those for me. I will see what I can do for the next time!! I just wanted to show you that even if you have little kids running everywhere around you, you can make a space and find the time to push play. Have to make time for yourself to get healthy!!! :)

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