Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Why do I coach fitness and health???

Why did I decide to become a coach back in 2012? Because I wanted to pay forward what I a challenge group did for me. They held me accountable and they taught me different ways to get motivated and just plain helped each other through each day of life.

I opened my email yesterday to an email from my very first client. He was a 300 pound guy, that didn’t have internet access besides email on his phone and he needed an accountability partner. I emailed him and asked what are your goals and is there anything I could help him with. So he said I want to be able to finish Insanity, do you think you can help keep me accountable and what will it cost me for you to do that? I kind of chuckled as I read his reply because that was my reason for not asking for someone to help me because I didn’t want to have to pay someone a ton of money, but REALLY REALLY needed accountability.

So I wrote back that me being his coach will not cost him anything at all. My coaching anyone is free. I do daily email check-ins, phone calls, or facebook groups that help push each other. Heck, I even get together with some and walk everyday or push play to move. And that I would be happy to help in anyway I can.. Well, we finished Insanity and moved on to Asylum and he decided he wanted to do marathons and triathlons.

The email yesterday stated that he had good news for me. He not only completed his first triathlon, but he met a girl that shared the same interest and they are moving in together. This is the reason I signed up to coach. To help others have good news to share and hearing a thank you is AMAZING!!!!!! 

I have helped people get their health back in check that they no longer have to worry about being on a liver transplant list and have a few more years with their growing children. I have helped people find a job (becoming a coach like me) and earning an income they didn’t know they could by doing something they themselves love to do. All of this is my “2013 WHY”!!!

Now, if you need help reaching a goal for better health or earning an income for getting healthy in 2013, go to beachbodycoach.com/lexislnmachines and click join or take the Beachbody Challenge. And get me as your coach, there is no fee for my coaching. I have 2 challenges starting on Jan 14th, one is a nutrition challenge and one is a fitness challenge, message me or comment if you want in on either of these. Or if you just know someone that needs coaching, please send them my way!

Happy New Year all!!


  1. That is absolutely amazing!! I know hearing that thank you and what he has accomplished has really touched your heart! Here's to 2013 and many more transformations, accomplishments and Thank You's!


  2. And an amazing coach you are! I'm very glad you decided to coach! You have helped me in such a huge way I can't even start to put into words! <3