Friday, June 1, 2012

Eat 4 your blood type????

Ok, so one of my upline coaches mentioned to research your blood type because that can have a lot to do with your diet/weight loss and/or gain and even health issues. I have to admit, I was intrigued yet I was a bit standoffish to believe this. So I asked a friend of mine (who has a very very open mind and is very full of knowledge) and she said of course, Lexi, you must read the book, "Eat right 4 your blood type."

She brought me a copy of the book yesterday and I can say that I completely read the chapter on my blood type which is Type O. And I am a now a firm believer in this. I know, I haven't tried the diet that it suggests I do yet, but it talks about you as a person and what a person with Type O blood may be like or situations that may happen with you. Like with me certain foods that they name off completely affect my stomach and make me feel horrible and it gives you ways to make it feel better or tells you why these foods do not work for a person with this blood type. Also talks about your attitude and how you deal with stress and so on. Now I know reading what I am typing you may frown and say Lexi, anyone could have these issues. And yes you are correct anyone could, but if you pick up the book and read the chapter with your blood type, I truly think you will follow me on this and at least give the diet for your blood type a try.

So that leads me to my new nutrition plan the next month. I am going to follow the book to a T and see if I can't jump start more of this weight loss and tone up a bit more. The book even gives you the right exercises for your blood type and how many servings a week you should have of certain foods and such.

Again, I know not for everyone, but I am going to give it a try and see if this has been a problem that I have been struggling with for awhile.

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