Friday, June 29, 2012

What's my transformation story????

I know I should have started my blog with this, but I truly had to think about it. I don't want to forget details and I want you to know the real me and how much I hurt and went into my shell before I was able to stand tall. Here it goes.
When did my transformation begin?? I have to say my transformation has been starting over and over again since my car accident December 7, 2007. On that day I was in a very depressed place, my husband was in Iraq and I was for sure I’d never see him again. I was trying to sell our house because we needed to move if he returned (we got orders to New Mexico from Colorado Springs). And I was at least 30 pounds overweight and I had never ever been this heavy, if the husband did comeback he was not going to want me, I was sure of it. Then BOOM, a guy runs a stop sign and t-bones my vehicle and due to the ice he bounced and spun and hit me 2 more times. When I was able to step out of the vehicle (THANK MY LUCK STARS, that I was able to step out) I started to cry and pray and say I am so sorry that I have not been beliving in myself all this time and thank you for sparing me and I made that famous deal that I was going to take control of my life.

I did my physical therapy every day (man that stuff can get your core in amazing shape) and I ordered Yoga Booty Ballet (I had a torn rotator cuff and this set worked good with this injury) and I did this set every day for the next four months, until my husband returned. Yay, he really returned!! And I was down the 30 pounds. I was in size 8 pants and was able to wear the cutest clothes to pick him up from the airport. And a month later, I find out I am pregnant with my son. YAY, but boooooo because after I had him I was back where I started a bit depressed and tired from a new baby, husband deployed again, and I am 30 pounds overweight from having a baby. Blahhhh.. HA.. Only this time it didn’t take an accident for me to realize snap out of it woman.

So in 2009, I did my yoga booty ballet again and hit the base gym hardcore. I got with a friend and we lifted weights everyday together until our husbands returned. I had done it again, I was in amazing shape and the hubby returned and bam I am pregnant with my third and last (I swear last) child. And in 2010 I have her and I am now in horrible health situation. My weight is horrible, I have diabetes from pregnancy, post-eclampsia from pregnancy and I can’t stand for very long or things go blury and I have a major migraine for 2 complete weeks. It was horrible!! All of these symptoms stayed with me for half a year after she was born and now I am depressed that I didn’t get to bounce back after the pregnancy and how am I going to be able to help my kids or am even going to be around for them as they grow??? All these questions have turned me into a severe anxiety person and I become afraid to leave the house or something is going to happen to me.

So it’s now July of 2011 and I see Insanity on TV and I chat with a girlfriend that is doing it. So I order it and it sits on my shelf for another month. Then I get on TBB message boards and I start to type stuff about how sad I am and how I really really want to get back into shape and get better mentally. And I got an email from my now coach telling me she was so sorry to hear about my problems but that she would so listen to me and help push me to meet these goals, if I really wanted her to. I jumped on her offer, but it was not until October when she started a challenge group that I signed on and opened the dvds and started pushing play. 2 weeks in and I am down 8 pounds and have lost 2 inches on my waist and 2 inches on my hips and an inch on my thighs and an inch on my arms. And BEST PART (drum roll please) my anxiety is at an all time low and I am not taking any meds. I can go out and talk to people and I can take the kids to playdates and I can go out and eat with my family. And I can now pass on my knowledge to others to push them to keep pushing play and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I know I see it now!!
It is now June 2012 and I am just inches from my goals. I have hit my goal on measurements for my waist, thighs, and chest. I am 1 inch from my hips goal and 1 inch from my arms goal. I still have about 10 more pounds to melt off, but this lifestyle change I am sure I will hit that goal soon.

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